Reasonable application of axle load braking of automobile balance weight

2021-08-21 05:01:28

Automobile balance weight crankshaft machine tool also has its processing limitations. Only the reasonable application of appropriate processing machine tools can give play to the advantages of crankshaft processing machine tools, so as to improve the processing efficiency of the process.

In order to understand the axle load of the vehicle when using the reaction brake table to test the braking performance of the vehicle, the axle load meter has become a new equipment.

Axle (wheel) weight instrument, as the name suggests, is an instrument used to measure the weight of automobile axle (wheel), which is actually a weighing instrument. From the perspective of structure, the axle load instrument is divided into mechanical type and electronic type. In practice, the electronic axle (wheel) load instrument has simple structure, high precision, can output electrical signals and is convenient for computer networking, so it is widely used.

The electronic axle (wheel) weight meter consists of four identical load cells (generally strain sensors) and a load-bearing plate. The four sensors are under the four corners of the load-bearing plate. After the vehicle wheel is pressed on the load-bearing plate, the shaft (wheel) gravity acts on the four sensors under the four corners of the plate, resulting in elastic deformation of the sensor strain bridge, unbalance of the strain bridge, and unbalanced voltage output by the bridge. The magnitude of these voltages is linear with the deformation of the strain bridge, The deformation of the bridge is also related to the gravity, and also has a linear relationship. The weight of the automobile bridge has been converted into a signal voltage that can linearly replace the weight through the sensor. Conversely, the magnitude of its bearing gravity can be measured by measuring the magnitude of the signal voltage.

The axle (wheel) weight meter produced by many companies is integrated with the brake table. The table body of the brake table is commensurate with the load-bearing plate mentioned above. The four sensors are placed under the brake table frame (the brake table is suspended on the four sensors). The weight of the sensor minus the weight of the bench (except tare weight) is called the axle (wheel) weight.

Type, structure and working principle of balance weight type, structure and working principle of brake bench brake test bench is divided into flat plate type, drum type, etc. at present, drum type reaction brake test bench is mostly used. According to the drum diameter and drum linear speed, it is divided into large drum and small drum, high-speed table and low-speed table; As for the roller brake table, the balance weight also has groove type, sand sticking type, composite material type and so on because of its different surface structure.